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Alfa Romeo Tonale: compleet met stekker

9 februari 2022

De komst van de Alfa Romeo Tonale diende zich al jaren geleden aan, maar eindelijk is de plug-in hybride SUV van het Italiaanse merk daar. Wat zit er eigenlijk allemaal op en aan?

De Stelvio deed Alfa Romeo al veel goeds en hopelijk zal de Tonale dat herhalen, want de Italianen kunnen wel wat kleur op de wangen gebruiken. Om er zeker van te zijn dat het merk de plank niet mis slaat, is de Tonale geëlektrificeerd. De 1,3-liter benzinemotor krijgt hulp van een elektromotor die gekoppeld is aan een accupakket met 15,5 kWh capaciteit. Puur op stroom komt de vierwielaangedreven Italiaan ongeveer 60 kilometer ver. Dankzij een vermogen van 275 pk is de Tonale een rappe sprinter. In dik zes tellen speer je van 0-100 km/u.


De Alfa Romeo Tonale is er eveneens als zelfopladende hybride. Die is er in twee vermogensvarianten: met 130 of 160 pk. Binnenin pakt Alfa Romeo uit met een flink digitaal instrumentarium en behoorlijk wat bagageruimte. Door zijn lengte van 4,53 is er bovendien voldoende plek voor de inzittenden. Ga je voor de Tonale, dan kun je kiezen uit de Super of de Ti. Vervolgens moet je nog bepalen of je voor het Sprint-pakket (op de Super) gaat of de Veloce-uitrusting (op de Ti).

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In the Japanese cinematic industry, Godzilla is a legendary creature that rises from the waters and enters the cities, spreading terror and destruction. ? A cult creature that is associated with a dynasty of cars that are, in the same way, as scary as legendary. And this, my friends, is one of the rarest among Nissan’s “creatures”: the Nismo GTR R33 400R. Produced only in 44 units, it was a real threat to the automotive industry given its ferocity. The cause of all this chaos was, in the first place, the engine: the magnificent RB26 was replaced with a prodigious version developed for GT-1 class use, the 2.7l RB-X GT2 which developed 400hp and 469nm of torque. This engine was capable of pushing the 400R over 315km/h (195mph), with a 0-100 (0-60) in less than 4 seconds. But the good news doesn’t end here... 5-speed manual gearbox, aero body kit, sporty 18-inch wheels and of course that sweet, sweet straight-6 growl that only few cars have. ? @kenmsaito

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The 4.6 HSE, also known as P38A, was the second generation Range Rover, almost a quarter of a century after its debut. That meant that now we were in the 90s, and the concept of SUV had dramatically changed. People didn’t put off-road capabilities at the first place, instead they asked for luxury and comfort. During the design stage, several firms were contacted, and Bertone even made a full scale model, but at the end they opted for the classic British style, rightfully so. The 4.6 HSE gave exactly that (the HSE stands for “High Specification Equipment”), for instance it had an advanced, yet very troublesome, air suspension system, powered by the 4.6L V8, that would produce 225 hp and 280 ft-lb of torque. On the inside, it was basically a living room, so much in fact that in 1996 debuted the possibility of ordering one with a television and video system with VHS player. It was without a doubt the best off-roader in the world at the time of its debut, although unfortunately its cutting-edge electronics had plenty of faults, but it helped set the bar of what a luxury SUV should be. ? @iamted7

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